Map of St. Louis County, Minnesota

St. Louis County, Minnesota

Population: 199,754

St. Louis County is home to 3.6 percent of Minnesota’s population, but 10.5 percent of the state’s opioid overdose deaths happen in St. Louis County. Combining heroin and opioid overdose deaths in Minnesota, St. Louis County ranks third statewide, just behind Hennepin and Ramsey Counties’ overdose rates. A St. Louis County jail survey of inmates conducted in January 2019 found that 52 percent of inmates self-disclosed that they have used heroin/opioids, 35 percent stated they used heroin/opioids on a daily basis, and 11 percent reported they were on a MAT program prior to arrest. The St. Louis County Jail is working to ensure that individuals coming into jail who are on a MAT program can continue the program and that those screened for an opioid use disorder and in need of MAT can get started on MAT in jail. The jail also hopes to implement a system for “warm handoffs” to community service providers so that individuals leaving the jail on MAT are immediately connected to treatment. St. Louis County Jail is also striving to provide injectable naltrexone to appropriate individuals.