Map of Hudson County, New Jersey

Hudson County, New Jersey

Population: 676,061

Hudson County is the most densely populated county in New Jersey, with a population of 691,643 residents, and the sixth most densely populated county in the United States. Hudson County hosts the state’s second most populous city (Jersey City), as well as some of the nation’s and state’s most densely populated cities (Union City, Guttenberg, and Hoboken). In 2018, Hudson County witnessed a total of 184 opioid deaths among its resident population; this accounted for nearly 6 percent of the state’s suspected opioid deaths, which preliminary data estimates at 3,118. Among 21 counties, Hudson witnessed the eighth-highest number and the seventh-highest rate of drug suspected deaths this year. The Hudson County jail has increased its MAT services since 2017, now serving all inmates in need of MAT services. The county is working to restructure its existing task force to the likeness of a continuum-of-care (CoC) model to support MAT and opioid-using individuals engaged with the Hudson County Jail and to improve coordination among an inmate’s previous MAT provider, the county’s current in-jail MAT provider, and the inmate’s (now reentrant’s) soon-to-be MAT provider.