Map of Cook County, Illinois

Cook County, Illinois

Population: 5,180,493

Cook County is the most populated county in Illinois and the second most populated county in the United States. According to the Illinois Department of Health, Cook County saw 13,395 nonfatal overdoses in 2017 (68 percent heroin-related), and 2,202 fatal overdoses (51 percent heroin-related). When broken down by drug type, illicit opioid use (heroin, fentanyl) accounted for more than 70 percent of fatal overdoses in Cook County. Cermak Health Services (CHS), the health system for Cook County Jail, offers multiple resources for inmates with opioid use disorder, including screening and assessment, detoxification services, and MAT. On release, individuals and their families are provided with education regarding relapse and overdose and are provided with naloxone. Cook County Health (CCH) will bring together a key team of stakeholders to develop a comprehensive continuum of care for incarcerated individuals and link in-custody and community-based treatment in the county. CCH seeks to educate various stakeholders regarding MAT; improve communication with community partners; build a comprehensive plan for behavioral health and MAT continuum of care, with recovery coaches and warm handoffs; increase integration with courts and corrections; improve partnerships among county agencies; and continue to improve MAT services, expand MAT services, and share protocols and processes with community-based agencies to ensure sustainability.